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Mini-Charter Service

  • Only valid within the Shreveport/Bossier Metro area. Anywhere else is a charter.
  • A night on the town$4 pick-up fee and $2 a mile.
  • Distance is calculated by Google Maps.
  • The distance multiplied by the rates produce the base rate.
  • The base rate and the amount of riders create the estimated cost.
  • 2 for 1 discount is applied to the estimated cost at pick-up.
  • Multiple pick-ups and/or drop-offs require management assistance.
  • iShuttle does NOT charge for waiting time so any stops enroute are at the discretion of the driver.
  • Services are charged through the charge card on file. Drivers cannot take cash for services.
  • Minimum of four passengers is required.
  • $20.00 minimum charge per reservation.
  • $30.00 minimum charge for all pick-ups from the Shreveport Regional Airport. The four passenger rule is waived.
  • Tipping the driver is strongly encouraged (15%-20%). Any reservation with 6 riders or more shall be charged a 20% gratuity. 

*NOTE: The 2 for 1 discount code is texted to the customer when the reservation is made.


Hourly Charter

  • $75 per hour (3 hr. minimum)Enjoying CORK 2012
  • A 20% gratuity is added to the chartered price.
  • After the reservation has been confirmed a $100 non-refundable deposit is charged to the account and applied to the balance. The whole balance is due for special events.
  • The remaining balance is charged to the account FIVE days of the event and is non-refundable, even if the event is cancelled.
  • Full use of the mini-fridge and optional ice chest.
  • You can also decorate the inside of the iShuttle.
  • Rates are seasonal and subject to change without notice.
  • Contact us for interstate, corporate, and 501(c)(3) rates.

Bundle Programs

Pick Up & Drop Off Regular Rate* Bundle Rate Savings

Four (4) Ride Bundle
Use in one (1) month

$336.00 $288.00 $48.00
Twelve (12) Ride Bundle
Use in three (3) months
$1008.00 $792.00 $216.00
Twenty-four (24) Ride Bundle
Use in six (6) months
$2016.00 $1440.00 $576.00
Charter Bundles Regular Rate** Bundle Rate Savings
Two (2) Charters
Use in one (1) month
$468.00 $396.00 $72.00
Six (6) Charters
Use in three (3) months
$1404.00 $1080.00 $324.00
Twelve (12) Charters
Use in six (6) months
$2808.00 $1944.00 $864.00

* Based on 10 passengers traveling 5 miles.
** Based on three-hour charter at $65.00/hour.
A 20% gratuity is included in these rates.
Any additional time used on the Charter Bundles will be charged at the regular rate.
"PICK UP & DROP OFF" Bundles only valid within the city limits of Shreveport and Bossier City.
Packages are non-refundable.
All iShuttle "Terms & Conditions" apply.

Ladies Night Special - PayPal Webpage


Car HomeThis service is not available. This will be a premium service. Not only will we take you home but your vehicle will be driven home as well. 


La. Public Services Commission: #7605 (Able to travel anywhere in the State of Louisiana)

USDOT#: 2157566 iShuttle is able to legally travel across state lines. If shopping around, ask the provider for their USDOT number. If a provider cannot provide their number, you might not want to do business with them. Just call us.

Certificate of Insurance: ALWAYS ask any provider for thier insurance information. If traveling across state lines, they must carry a minimum of $1.5 million in vehicle liability. This is federal law!


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