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Want to be a part of the iShuttle Team and make around $15.00 per hour? We offer very flexible part-time positions for a very fun, energetic, professionally driven individual.

Perks and opportunities:

1. Three hour minimum per job assignment.
2. Gratuities are usually always more than your wages.
3. Safe working environment. We know our customers.
4. Merit and Time of Service pay incentives.
5. Promotional opportunities for leadership roles.

Minimum qualifications and expectations:Erica

1. Must possess (at a minimum) a Louisiana Chauffeurs Driver's License.
2. Clean driver record.
3. Experience operating 10-passenger vans and/or 25-pass buses.
4. Present a professional appearance. You must be able to smile and be engaging!
5. Have a working knowledge of attractions, restaurants, hotels, events, and streets in the Shreveport/Bossier City metro area.
6. Working knowledge of a laptop (WIN OS), an Android phone, a WiFi Hotspot, and Google Maps.
7. Able to receive text messages on personal phone.
8. Pass a USDOT drug screening and physical exam (MORE INFORMATION).
9. Be able to obtain a City of Shreveport Vehicle for Hire Driver's License. Cost is $50.00. APPLICATION (complete then print).
10. Must attend a required Driver For Hire Hospitality Training class at the Shreveport-Bossier Convention & Tourist Bureau before applying for he Vehicle For Hire Driver's License. Please contact Carolyn Dowden, 318-429-0626 or for the next class.


iShuttle is a equal opportunity employer.