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iShuttle...Fun. Safe. Conveinent.

The iShuttle system is based on making reservations through our website or through the app. The process is quite simple. First you must create your free account. CLICK HERE to begin. Due to a technical issue, DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER to make your account. We suggest Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.

You'll be asked to supply your contact info and your create your billing profile. This takes only a few minutes. Complete the entire profile the first time because you will NOT be able to come back to enter the billing info later.

Merchant Services

app on device

Once you've made your account you will be promted to make your reservation. Choose what type of reservation you want to make,
Pick Up / Drop Off or Hourly Event. CLICK HERE for a complete description of our services and how charges are calculated.

Enter the reservation information as directed. Once that is completed, click the "Book Ride" button ONLY ONCE. There is a 5-10 second delay in posting your reservation info. You'll recieve a text message indicating that your reservation has been recieved and pending confirmation. You'll be contacted if there is an issue with your reservation.

TIPPING: You can put a tip on the reservation by editing the completed reservation. We are working on correcting this soon.  

Download the free application to either your iPhone or Android. Just look for "iShuttle" from Synapse Multimedia. If you don't have those type of smart phones, then any phone that can access the Internet will work. You will be able to make, edit, and pay for your reservation through the app.

Map in the app


You'll recieve a text message once the iShuttle is enroute to you. At that time you can go to the map in the app (or the website) and see exactly where your iShuttle is in real time and know when to expect it to arrive.  This keeps you from having to wait outside or calling a dispatcher like other traditional means of transportation.

There are two ways that you can pay for your reservation. You can pay in advance before the iShuttle shows up or you can have the operator initiate payment once you're board. Once payment has been made, a reciept is emailed to you.


CLICK HERE to create your account.

iShuttle...Fun. Safe. Conveinent.